Choosing the best hardwood flooring

Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring because they know how long the flooring lasts. With professional installation, it's common to see these products last over 100 years, with some historical buildings boasting hardwood that's more than 200 years old. Here are some facts about wood floors that can help you create the best remodel for your household, whether large or small.

Why choose hardwood flooring?

The visuals in hardwood flooring are timeless and offer variations that cater to any style or décor scheme, with various wood species, colors, textures, and layouts. You can mix and match your choices to get the look you want for every room, with trends that could keep you current for years. Even if you change your furnishings, you can expect many appearance options to give you lasting beauty. If durability is the most important characteristic, you'll enjoy a variety of species that are hard enough to withstand pet nails, child's play, and other forms of daily wear. Sealants and textures are also added, which compounds the protection you can expect from your new wood floors. If you want or need even more protection for solid and engineered wood flooring, consider runners or rugs that can keep traffic off the surface of your floors altogether. The installation always starts with the acclimation service, no matter which floor covering you choose. Acclimation usually lasts one to three days and helps eliminate the worry of humidity problems after professional installation. Once the process is complete, typical installation can start right away, and we'll give you all your details once you choose your hardwood flooring and added features.

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